Data Science and Blockchain Expert


Data Science and Blockchain Expert


NeoBlock is a leading Consultancy and Data Analytics firm providing high analytics tools, Blockchain solutions and Big Data to banks, professional traders, and portfolio managers.

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What NeoBlock Do

With 180 of TB Per Day and a team of 15 expert Data Scientists,
we have everything you need
for your blockchain and data science-related projects

Big Data

With over 180 of TB being extracted every day, our databases are bringing very powerful information and deep insights into certain applications. By retrieving, managing and analyzing them, corporations can make critical decisions for their businesses.


The Blockchain technology, well-known for underlying Bitcoin, is undoubtedly the most powerful and one of the most significant technology of our future. Its impact can be enormous and could drastically change the way we exchange to each other and the way we process data. Thus, we have made it one of the core of our expertise.

Machine Learning

With the advent of cloud and cluster architectures and very strong processing units, computers along with appropriate Machine Learning algorithms can convey hidden insights; example applications include email filtering, classification, non-linear relationships between variables, optical character recognition (OCR), learning to rank, and computer vision..

Natural Language Processing

Meaningful and notable information come from the semantics of diverse texts. This needs to be exploited to the fullest to assess texts that are too big for our time constraints. High-frequency traders are interested in being the first ones to invest in stock as soon as new information is shared to the public, that is why being able to assess very quickly a text can become very compelling.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar... you have certainly heard these names but don't really know what they are, their projects and how they can contribute to our society. Our aim is to give lessons, advice and recommendations on their value and their potential and prospective applications.

Alternative Data

Most investment decisions, as an example, are mostly made out of the same data. This can become risky as crowding might emerge, which could be harmful for simple investors who don't have the tools that are necessary to avoid or escape these risks. Thus, Alt-Data (e.g. satellite images, transaction records or users' purchases history) can bring persuasive facts on where and how to make investment decisions.

Recent Projects

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Cryptocurrency Market Indexes and Data Solutions

Leading provider of Cryptocurrency Market Indexes and Data Solutions.


Using NLP to monitor companies' dedications to ESG

Sensefolio is the leading company using NLP and Machine Learning to monitor and rank companies' dedications to ESG.

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